A Message from Jerri Rosen
Founder and CEO, Working Wardrobes

Hi, everyone, and welcome to Inside Working Wardrobes!   Helping veterans get back to work is a mission near and dear to our hearts.  Recently, I had the distinct honor of interviewing Duane Thompson, whose invaluable support provides veterans with many of the services they need to find jobs.

Please Stand & Salute Deserving Veterans!

There’s no better way to thank veterans for their service than by helping them overcome barriers on their journey to career success. Show your thanks by joining us on June 17th for a 24-hour giving marathon to raise funds for transitioning military, veterans, and their families.

Our Community in Crisis

Tens of thousands of residents in Southern California are out of work or underemployed, and barely making ends meet in the wake of the pandemic. We’re working around the clock to help people in crisis and have developed an in-depth report highlighting these issues.

Smart Women Helping Others

There’s a series of powerful women’s workshops coming soon, and the incomparable Sarah Lacy kicks things off.  She’s an entrepreneur, published author, radio and TV personality, and a 20-year investigative journalist.  Don’t miss this incredible speaker series!

Casting Additional Light on the ‘She-Cession’

Orange County Register journalist, Samantha Gowen, recently paid Working Wardrobes a visit to shed additional light on the ‘she-cession’ and the report we developed earlier this year to address women’s unemployment issues.  Here are the highlights from our discussion.

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