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A Client Success Story: How Shopping at The Hanger Powers Working Wardrobes’ Rebuilding Careers Programs

When you shop in a Working Wardrobes retail store, The Hanger, you provide more than just funds or clothing, you provide the chance for a person to pursue their dreams and change their life. Purchases made in our retail stores support our Rebuilding Careers Programs. Every day, the Working Wardrobes team offers a hand-up to those seeking job readiness resources. Nothing makes us feel better than hearing a client tell us “I got the job!” Recently, Izzaiah came to us for help. He needed our wardrobing services for a life-changing interview. Our team was able

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Working Wardrobes VetNet Program Wins 2022 Vetty Award for Veteran Employment

Working Wardrobes is proud to announce that our VetNet Program has been awarded the Vetty Award for Veteran Employment. “To be a top three national nominee for the Academy of United States Veterans, 7th Annual Veterans Awards is an honor in itself,” says Working Wardrobes Director of the VetNet Program Michael Barrett. “But to be selected as the winner from amongst the category nominees is truly and gratefully humbling.” About the Vettys The Veterans Awards, also known as the Vettys, is an annual award ceremony presented by the Academy of United States Veterans (AUSV). The

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Working Wardrobes Gives Veterans and the Unemployed the Tools to Return to the Workforce

Southern California is one of the most beautiful places to live in America, but for many, the high cost of living makes Southern California a place of heartache. Finding meaningful employment with sufficient wages can help job seekers build the best lives for their families and themselves.  Job seekers need resources and critical support in order to get back to work. For the past thirty-one years, Working Wardrobes has been helping people return to the workforce, and we are here to support Orange County residents on their journey to meaningful employment. Working Wardrobes’ Rebuilding Careers

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The Life Cycle of a Garment Donated to Working Wardrobes

When Working Wardrobes was founded in 1990, self-esteem, including wardrobing, was top-of-mind. From the beginning, we realized that clothing is more than just what a person wears, it is the power to choose how a person presents themself to the world. “Enclothed cognition” is a term coined in 2012 that describes how our perception of ourselves can be altered by our clothing. When navigating the complicated job market, job seekers need all the support and confidence they can get. Working Wardrobes provides confidence through our career development and job skills trainings that culminate with wardrobing

Q & A Session with Working Wardrobes’ Retail Managers

Last week, we sat down with all four Working Wardrobes’ retail managers for our Rebuilding Careers podcast to get the inside scoop on a visit to The Hanger Outlets or The Hanger Boutiques. These women offered camaraderie, insights into what you can expect when you walk into one of Working Wardrobes' retail stores, and lessons on how you can change lives when you shop. Here are just a few of the questions we asked. What is the Difference Between The Hanger Outlets and The Hanger Boutiques? The Hanger Boutiques in Laguna Niguel and Tustin are

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Joblessness in Orange County — The Barriers to Work are Not Always Obvious

Editorial from Working Wardrobes CEO, Bonni Pomush As the CEO of Working Wardrobes, I see first-hand how joblessness in Orange County affects individuals, families, and communities. Employment numbers in Orange County are rising, and yet the county still faces serious unemployment and underemployment in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although many entry-level positions are available, job seekers needing sustainable, livable wages continue to face barriers to reentering the workforce.  Joblessness in Orange County Sometimes, the barriers are not always obvious. A job seeker must have their basic needs met first in order to perform

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Success Story: How Your Donations Are Put to Use

Since our inception in 1990, the goal of Working Wardrobes has been to leave an enduring change in the lives of our clients, their families, and in the community. In the decades that followed, our fearless founder, Jerri Rosen, made sure we did just that. 2020 was a year that changed everything: a devastating fire destroyed our Donation Center and Career Success Center, and just 6 weeks later, the world entered a pandemic. Now, two years later, as much of the world moves into new stages of transition, so does Working Wardrobes. This year we

How the Rebuilding Careers Coalition Supports the Mission of Working Wardrobes

In Southern California, many are unemployed or have struggled to make a career change in the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, a changing workforce and wavering economy make “keeping up” a challenge for the most vulnerable among us. This includes young adults, Veterans, seniors, and those reentering society after incarceration or other involvement with the justice system. The Rebuilding Careers Coalition (RCC) is a giving collective of visionary individuals and corporations in our community who are dedicated to helping individuals overcome barriers and achieve meaningful employment. RCC members generously give unrestricted donations of $1200

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