• Rebuilding Careers with Workforce Development in 2023 and Beyond

Rebuilding Careers with Workforce Development in 2023 and Beyond

As we look ahead to 2023, growth and development across all parts of Working Wardrobes, from the clients we serve to the board of directors to the staff and volunteers, all are poised to bring diversity, automation, industry expertise, and increased opportunities for support in 2023 and beyond. In spite of wide-ranging barriers to employment, 2023 will be a foundational year for the thousands of individuals pursuing Working Wardrobes’ initiatives that bring supporting rebuilding careers through workforce development services to job seekers across Southern California. Engaged Leadership to Meet Ambitious Goals For the board and

  • Empower OC Jobseekers with the Gift of Career Success

Empower OC Jobseekers with the Gift of Career Success

When you shop at the Working Wardrobes Hanger Outlets or Hanger Boutiques, you’re supporting a full array of wrap-around services that help jobseekers who need a hand navigating the Orange County job market. When you buy an outfit, you are empowering Working Wardrobes to serve unemployed and underemployed youth, women, families, older adults, reentry citizens, Veterans, and others that need help preparing to reenter the workforce. Each store offers a personal shopping experience with a store manager who has impeccable style. Clothing available comes from both individual donors and retailers with an overstock of brand-new

  • Workforce Readiness Programs - Women's Power Up for Success

How Our Workforce Readiness Programs Supported Jobseekers in 2022

After the 2020 fire that destroyed our headquarters, we knew that we wanted to continue to serve clients with intention and to grow to become a leader in workforce readiness programs. As we near the end of 2022, we are proud to announce that we are on track to exceed our goal of serving 5,000 clients by the end of 2023. Growth and Sustainability for a Better Community The work that we do at Working Wardrobes is made possible by the loyalty and generous commitment of supporters and community members. As an organization, we are

  • Success Stories Blog - Camp Pendleton

Career Success Stories from Orange County Jobseekers

When Working Wardrobes was rebuilt after the devastating fire which destroyed our facilities in the winter of 2020, we knew that we must continue to serve clients and make a difference in the lives of job seekers, despite the challenges. At the end of 2020, we made it our goal to serve over 5,000 clients by the end of 2023, and we are well on our way. In 2022 alone, we will serve 4,500 individuals.    The impact Working Wardrobes makes on the lives of individuals, families, and communities makes the hard work we put into

  • Women's power up for sucess

Women’s Power Up for Success Event Recap

On October 28, 2022, Working Wardrobes hosted a Women’s Power Up for Success event for local military women. This year's event included a Career Panel, workshops, career coaching, and wardrobing! Career Panel Veterans and Industry professionals brought together during the event's Career Panel to make both a personal and professional impact on guests in attendance. The group shared experiences, insight, knowledge, and guidance during this session to support local Marines and sailors on their path to continued growth and career success. Workshop and Career Coaching Working Wardrobes Career Coach and U.S. Navy Veteran, Terance Jones,

  • legacy giving FAQs

Legacy Giving FAQs: Debunking Legacy Fund Myths

The Jerri Rosen Legacy Fund, named after Working Wardrobe’s founder, is a collective of supporters that have committed to leaving after-life bequests to Working Wardrobes. This commitment brings sustainability to the organization, ensuring that clients have access to one-on-one coaching, job training, resume assistance, networking, and the myriad other services Working Wardrobes provides for generations to come. There are many ways to contribute to the Jerri Rosen Legacy Fund. Legacy giving is a flexible way to practice philanthropy today, and leave a legacy of giving beyond your lifetime. Making after-life charitable gifts seems intimidating to

  • charitable bequest - legacy fund

How Contributions to the”Legacy Fund” Support Sustainability

When a client walks through the doors of the Career Success Center, the Working Wardrobes team eagerly assembles a tour-de-force of resources to help them achieve meaningful, sustainable employment.  To job seekers in Orange County, consistency and reliability mean everything. Having steady work and a reliable income means that clients are able to make the best decisions for themselves and their families unburdened by the fears that accompany financial insecurity. Consistency means getting to pick a diet that works for them and their nutritional needs without wondering if they can afford the food bill. It

  • WW client

The Power of Planned Giving: “Legacy Fund” Donor Stories

In Southern California, too many of our community members face barriers to employment. A changing workforce and wavering economy make financially ‘keeping up’ a significant challenge for the most vulnerable.  Working Wardrobes is here to help men and women navigate rebuilding their careers by providing training and resources. True to our name, we culminate their internal transformation by providing our clients with a success suit. Job seekers come to us for certifications, workshops, career fairs, resume help, interview preparation, and even transportation. They re-enter the workforce with confidence, skills, and empowerment. The Power of a

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