Episode 40: Beyond Barriers

“Beyond Barriers” delves deep into the significant personal hurdles that our own Derek, Client Services Manager, and Cris, Lead Veteran Behavioral Health Peer Navigator, have faced. Their parallel yet individual journeys toward resilience inspired them both to support fellow Veterans in overcoming challenges. They share how they positively impact the lives of many Veterans and contribute to their success, particularly through community initiatives like Working Wardrobes.

Episode 39: Impact Webinar 2 Client Services

CEO of Working Wardrobes Bonni Pomush, Client Services Director Bianca Herrera, and Client Services Manager Derek Mendes will share Working Wardrobes' 2023 and 2024 client services highlights and ways to engage to help clients find gainful employment.

Resilience Rewarded: A Marine’s Journey from Adversity to Triumph

The clock was ticking. Marine Corps Veteran, Amanda, had three days to secure a job as well as housing for herself and her 14 year-old daughter. 2023 dealt her some serious blows and early 2024 wasn’t much kinder. The former Military Policewoman had always been the poster child for

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