Women’s Unemployment and Mental Health

Women's Unemployment in Southern California: The Mental Health Fallout According to the National Women’s Law Center regarding U.S. job loss figures for December 2020, our economy sustained a net loss of 140,000 jobs. A closer look at the data paints an urgent picture for women.  100% of jobs lost were held by women. Sadly, women were hardest hit by unemployment during the pandemic. In September 2020, 865,000 women left the workforce compared to 216,000 men. That’s over four times as many women as men who lost their jobs, primarily due

Working Wardrobes: Women’s Unemployment in Southern California

Rebuilding Careers Report: Women's Unemployment in Southern California Fighting the SoCal 'She-cession' to Help Women Rebuild Their Careers and Lives When it comes to unemployment, women of all races and from all walks of life have suffered the most through the pandemic.  For millions of women here in Southern California, COVID-19 has delivered a unique and catastrophic one-two-three punch. To begin, restaurants, retail, and health care – the primary female job sectors – were impacted earliest and hardest by the pandemic. The second wave knocked out many government jobs,

Women Unemployment in Southern California

Women Unemployment, A New Orange County Epidemic As the COVID pandemic lingers on, people from all walks of life have been constrained by stay-at-home orders and shutdowns of all businesses deemed “non-essential.” The snowball effect of closures, including schools, childcare centers, and churches, have interrupted society's most basic and critical functions. Life has come to a screeching halt for many, leaving people everywhere feeling lost, lonely, and depressed. The at-risk unemployed clients Working Wardrobes serves here in Southern California – including men, women, young adults, and veterans – are even

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