Over the past 31 years, Working Wardrobes has provided career training, job placement assistance, and professional wardrobe services to more than 113,000 individuals through an innovative and comprehensive range of programs and services.

In 2022, Working Wardrobes continues to make our clients’ preparation for the workforce our priority. We help unemployed, underemployed, veterans, seniors, and those reentering society after justice involvement experience The Power of a PaycheckTM. Continue reading to take a look at upcoming events and opportunities in the new year.

The Power of a Paycheck

A single story can make a difference. At Working Wardrobes, we get the opportunity to witness the power that a paycheck has to transform a person’s life, and we are looking for members of our community to reflect on the power that a paycheck has had in their own lives. Share with us the story of your first paycheck, and read the first paycheck stories of influential individuals in our community. Share your story here

Giving Opportunities

Success Club — Monthly Giving

When you join Success Club, our collective of donors contributing monthly, you join a dedicated group of supporters who understand the value of a paycheck. Together, we invest in and support individuals along their path to finding meaningful employment. The Success Club is an exciting and affordable way to support Working Wardrobes as we strive to provide employment services to those seeking meaningful employment.  


Our clothing stores are open! Visit Tustin, Laguna Niguel, Costa Mesa, or Garden Grove locations and know that every purchase you make directly supports Working Wardrobes and the services we offer to help people find jobs. 

Donate Clothing

Bring individual clothing donations of clean clothes on the hanger to the Donation Center (17392 Daimler Street) Tuesdays through Saturdays from 9am-3pm. (No appointment necessary) 

Corporate Partnerships

We are excited to announce some new protocols for corporate partnership opportunities, specifically around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Days and Corporate Drives. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Days

Corporate Social Responsibility days are back! These events are group volunteer opportunities and team-building experiences. Get to know your colleagues better while making an impact in your local community. Working Wardrobes hosts groups of five to twenty-five people. Email CSR@workingwardrobes.org to book your group today!

Corporate Drives

Working Wardrobes hosts several types of corporate drives: clothing drives, accessory drives, luxury item drives, and winter item drives, to name a few.  Our clients’ needs change throughout the year, so contact us to discuss the most appropriate type of drive for your group. We host two clothing drives monthly, so be sure to book ahead.

Camp Pendleton

We will travel to Camp Pendleton to serve Marines who are transitioning into the civilian workforce. Working Wardrobes, along with a team of volunteers, host a career panel, workshops, and a job fair, followed by rotations through wardrobe selection and professional pictures. We’re excited to see what these deserving men and women will accomplish in the future with our help. For more information, preview last year’s event.