We offer a variety of ways for companies to get involved with
Working Wardrobes. These include financial support, clothing drives, event sponsorships, and in-kind donations. Here’s how your organization can help.


Invest in our work so our clients can find work! Sponsor a client event to provide scholarships for advanced career training, or underwrite a fundraising event.

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In-Kind Donations

We can always use in-kind donations to support our clients, such as printing supplies, office supplies, computer equipment, and more. Contact us for our Wish List.

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Gift Card Drives

Our clients use gift cards to purchase important supplies for their job search efforts, including transportation to and from interviews. All dollar amounts are welcome!

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Clothing Drives

Involve your employees in Corporate Social Responsibility. Coordinate a clothing drive to help transform our clients from the inside out on their journey to employment.

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Hire Our Clients

Change lives by hiring our job-ready clients and build your workforce candidates who truly want to make an impact with their work ethic and skill set.

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Professional Services

If you have a special skill and you’d like to share it with our clients, we’d love to have you. Donate your knowledge and expertise to help our clients achieve the Power of a Paycheck.

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For information about any of these Corporate Opportunities, contact us by email today!

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