Working Wardrobes was recently recognized by the L.A. Times as one of the “Top Rated Workplaces in Southern California.”  To us, this is not just an honor, it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to both our clients and our dedicated staff. 

One of the core principles we hold dear is the notion that the care and respect we extend to our clients should mirror the support and appreciation we offer our team. Our career readiness services stand on the pillars of individualization and dignity, and we understand that each person who walks through our doors brings with them a unique set of skills, experiences, and needs. It’s this recognition of diversity that allows us the privilege of not just helping but providing a genuine hand-up to individuals from all walks of life, irrespective of gender, background, or circumstance. 

We take pride in being a catalyst for change in the professional lives of our clients, helping them not just find jobs but embark on fulfilling careers. This is only made possible by the dedication and hard work of our incredibly mission-driven team.  They are the driving force behind the success stories and transformations that happen within our organization and ultimately, in our community.  

As we celebrate this acknowledgement, we recommit ourselves to the values that define us – compassion, respect, and empowerment. The distinction as one of the “Top Rated Workplaces in Southern California” from the L.A. Times serves as a reminder that our efforts to create a supportive and nurturing workplace for our staff have not gone unnoticed.  It motivates us to continue our mission of helping people overcome barriers to gainful employment. 

Commemorate this achievement by continuing to fund our mission and services.  Let’s collectively contribute $100,000 before the end of December, which will provide over 40 Southern Californians with comprehensive workforce development services!