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Working Wardrobes Rebuilding Careers Podcast
Rebuilding Careers Podcast Episode 12: CEO Bonni Pomush WW Leadership Team to Discuss the Importance of Investing in Others

In this episode, CEO Bonni Pomush sits down with Working Wardrobes Chief Revenue Officer Stefaan Poortman, Chief Financial Officer Alan Silkes, Chief Program Officer Mary Ann Profeta, and Chief People Officer Derek Benson to discuss the relationships that helped grow their careers and why investing in others is important.

Joblessness in Orange County
Rebuilding Careers Podcast Episode 13: CEO Bonni Pomush Sits Down with Working Wardrobes Clients to Discuss the Power of a Paycheck™

In this episode, Working Wardrobes CEO Bonni Pomush sits down with two Working Wardrobes clients to discuss how a paycheck helped transform their life.

Power of a Paycheck- First Paycheck Stories from Orange County Leaders
How First Paychecks Inspired Workforce Development: Stories from Orange County Leaders

A paycheck is powerful. We interviewed several leaders in our community to hear where their first paycheck came from and how it inspired the career they have today. Read their stories on our blog.

WW client success stories
The Impact a Donation Makes: Success Stories!

Nothing makes us happier than hearing clients say “I got the job! In this article, Working Wardrobes clients share their success stories and how our programs have changed their lives.

strategic initiatives with Bonni pomushh
A Look at the Year Ahead with Working Wardrobes CEO Bonni Pomush

Working Wardrobes’ strategy for the future looks to strengthen the core of operations in order to bring the largest impact and growth to the clients that need it. Take a peek inside the Working Wardrobes strategic initiatives.

Corporate Social Responsibility Days
Announcing Updates to Drives and Corporate Social Responsibility!

We are excited to share that we are bringing Corporate Social Responsibility days BACK and you’re invited to participate. Book your group and learn about our new procedures.

Important Working Wardrobes News

We have a lot going on Inside Working Wardrobes and we want to share it with you!  What’s more, there are many ways you can give to Working Wardrobes and get involved with our organization to help at-risk people find jobs and achieve self-sufficiency.

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