Nothing makes us happier than hearing clients say “I got the job!” We’re the first to celebrate when we hear a success story. We believe that success starts when our clients make a plan; we partner with them to give them the tools they need to build towards that goal. Over the years, with the help of donors and volunteers, we’ve helped men, women, youth, Veterans, and the justice-involved find meaningful and life-changing work. 

We love hearing client success stories, and asked Working Wardrobes clients to share theirs.

client success storiesPeter M.; U.S. Army, Ret. Client Success Story

Before I enrolled in the VetNet Program, I was underemployed due to COVID and overwhelmed trying to provide for myself. My savings were depleting, I was experiencing serious housing challenges, and I was in a very dark place in my life. Once COVID conditions improved, I found temporary work, but it wasn’t stable, and I knew I needed to reach out to the VetNet Program to help me improve my employment situation.

Throughout this entire process, with the help of the VetNet Program staff, career coaches, and volunteers, I improved my resume, and sharpened my interview skills. I received leads, applied to numerous jobs, and received a professional wardrobe once my interview was set. My hard work paid off, and I am proud to share that I have stable housing and landed the job of my dreams with a salary I never thought possible. I am successfully employed as a line cook with Pasta Mia and have already started working on my long-term goal of achieving state certification. The wisdom and encouragement I received from the VetNet Program staff and everyone at Working Wardrobes helped me land this job! 

Thank you for inspiring me to pursue my culinary dreams. You didn’t just provide me with services, you gave me words of encouragement to open my eyes to so much more! To the VetNet Program staff, thank you for not taking any of my excuses and for positively pushing me to remain focused. I am excited to achieve all the goals set forth in my VetNet Program Individualized Employment Plan! 

To my fellow Veterans and their spouses, the VetNet Program has the resources, intelligence, and compassion to not only help you secure employment, but prepare you to succeed and advance with your career goals. 

This is not just a paycheck — for the first time, I truly believe in myself, and I have the VetNet Program and everyone at Working Wardrobes to thank for that.

client success storiesSantiago Diego M. P.; MPA Client Success Story

I am a father of two intelligent boys and a survivor of a near-death car accident. I’ve worked as a flamenco vocalist, guitarist, and percussionist at Cafe Sevilla in Costa Mesa, and I’ve recently earned a Masters in Public Administration. I am an active seeker of purposeful work.

I was referred to Working Wardrobes by the Department of Rehabilitation, and ever since then, I have been grateful for the recommendation. I set up an appointment with Adrianna Ceballos, a Wardrobe Service Stylist. Adrianna was professional and pleasant on the phone, making me instantly feel at ease.

When I arrived at the Career Success Center, the receptionists were inviting and conversational. I met Adrianna; she made me feel welcome and appreciated. She guided me to the wardrobe room and that is where the magic happened. Adrianna, along with Kerry, set me up with exactly the wardrobe that gave me the confidence to couple my academic and artistic achievements with my objectives. Adrianna, thank you and thanks to the staff at Working Wardrobes. Because of your help, I feel confident about presenting myself.

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