Working Wardrobes was founded by the power of a woman. Nearly 34 years ago, Jerri Rosen pooled together a few friends to bestow unto 67 women from local domestic violence shelters a Day of Self-Esteem. She envisioned this heartfelt one-time event as a vehicle to present a promising tomorrow while inspiring and re-energizing these women. It was a chance to encourage and assure them that they were worthy of a better life. This changemaker’s simple act of kindness evolved into an organization that uplifts by unearthing the power yearning to be released.

In 2022, with this same trajectory of hope, purpose, and resolve, dynamic visionary Bonni Pomush joined Working Wardrobes as its second-ever CEO. Committed to making the organization’s future success as strong as its foundation, she engages in an optimistic philosophy of empowering individuals to live up to their potential and worth. Further championing clients who seek to overcome barriers to employment, she and her team transform lives daily by providing the guidance and tools necessary to launch bright futures.

In recent engagements, our esteemed CEO, Bonni Pomush, graced the stage as a distinguished panelist at Orange Coast’s annual Kickass Women Luncheon, and lent her expertise to the South Orange County Women’s Business Conference. Her presence and insights have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on both occasions. 

Here’s to celebrating the resilience, wisdom, and accomplishments of all the extraordinary women this Women’s History Month! 

While we unconditionally support inclusivity, today, on International Women’s Day, we celebrate the power of women. Those who are empowering the people of today to thrive regardless of their circumstances as these efforts will impact the course of the generations ahead.