On Friday, April 12th, the Working Wardrobes staff was joined by some of our esteemed board members, sponsors, and a host of volunteers for the Power Up for Success event at Camp Pendleton. Together we had the honor of helping nearly 100 Marines and Sailors prepare for their transformation from active military service into the civilian workforce.

Teaching by example, a panel of Veterans and industry professionals shared a variety of personal success stories in finding meaningful, gainful employment. Attendees learned how to translate and define the abilities they’ve developed during their years of service into the skills that potential employers seek as well as discovering additional help and resources available to them. Rounding out the workforce preparedness essentials were resume building and developing interview confidence.

Facilitating networking opportunities, the onsite job fair welcomed connections and inquiries within a multitude of industries. Additionally, continuing education services shared information about certificate programs that are offered for educational tuition reimbursement under the GI Bill.

To create the proverbial cherry on top, volunteers helped each participant navigate through racks upon racks of suits and business attire curating the perfect individualized executive look from head to toe. Upon being outfitted in their success suit, professional headshots were taken for their employment profiles.

At day’s end, nearly half of the newly stylized servicemen participated in a celebratory fashion show. Closing out the event, Assemblywoman Laurie Davies spoke to the crowd and offered her support to our mission and those we were honoring.

While every person’s journey is individual, the participants found comfort in knowing that many others have headed down this path successfully. They were also touched to discover how many people in the civilian world ventured down to cheer them on and facilitate their pending success. Equally as inspired were the volunteers who let the servicemen know how much their sacrifice means to each and every one of us.