As we reflect on the incredible journey of 2023, there’s a profound sense of gratitude for each and every one of you who has been an integral part of Working Wardrobes’ mission. Your support has been instrumental in helping people overcome barriers to gainful employment.  In 2023, our goal was to serve 5,000 clients, and, as of November, we surpassed that goal!  To-date, we have served over 5,200 individuals (and counting)! 

Through your generosity and unwavering commitment, Working Wardrobes has been able to uplift jobseekers, providing them with the skills and resources necessary to navigate the professional landscape successfully. Your support doesn’t just offer a temporary handout; it equips individuals with the tools they need to secure a sustainable livelihood.  

Click on the video below to witness a heartfelt recap of the incredible journeys and successes that your generosity has helped create: 

Change Even More Lives Before 2023 Ends! 

As we approach the end of 2023, we’re presented with a chance to make a lasting impact in the lives of individuals striving for better futures. It’s a moment to extend our gratitude to our remarkable end-of-year sponsors, @U.S. Bank, @AAA, and @TCI, whose support has been instrumental in our pursuit of helping people overcome barriers hindering their path to gainful employment. We warmly invite you to stand alongside these sponsors. 

Your contributions not only upskill jobseekers but also transform lives, much like Josie’s story, highlighting the power of a helping hand in breaking the cycle of survival. Josie found her way through Working Wardrobes, and your donation could be the pivotal force for someone else’s life-altering journey. 

“Working Wardrobes saw the positive in me, and the result is that I am now powerfully positioned to leverage my own experience to help others. Each of YOU is powerfully positioned to pay something forward too. I urge you to do so. For someone – maybe someone like me – the ripple effect will be life-changing.” – Josie 

Join our collaborative efforts aimed at changing lives, one person at a time. Let’s collectively contribute $100,000, an amount that will provide over 40 Southern Californians with comprehensive workforce development services.