Johanna Hulme, Working Wardrobes Operations Manager

We Love Our Clothing Donor Partners!

Clothing donations are such an important part of the Working Wardrobes mission.  First and foremost, they provide our clients with the professional clothing they need to nail their interviews and look their very best on the job.  What’s more, certain clothing and accessories items make their way to our stores throughout Orange County.  The sales of this fabulous merchandise generates revenue that directly funds the career development programs we provide!

Johanna Hulme, Operations Manager at Working Wardrobes, helps oversee the many logistics involved with managing thousands of donated items each year.  This month, she joins us with a special video thank you to our incredible donors who are true partners in our mission.  She also provides some important tips when it comes to donating items to Working Wardrobes.

Be sure to watch Johanna’s video below.  In the meantime, we want you to know how important you are as a clothing and accessories donor to Working Wardrobes – and how much we value your generosity and support. You empower us to serve even more men, women, young adults and veterans as they journey to employment, self-sufficiency and the Power of a Paycheck!!

Are you, or someone you know, out of work?  Do you need help?  Please call (714) 735-4409 to speak with a career coach today!