Sarah Lacy, Smart Women Speaker

A Summer Workshop Series to Enlighten and Inspire

We’ve all been impacted by COVID-19 and now it’s time to chart a new path to ‘normal.’ A great way to do this is by supporting the Working Wardrobes Smart Women giving collective and attending our upcoming Zoom series of workshops, titled The Covid Consequences, which are designed to enlighten and inspire.

We’re offering this series for FREE, simply because we want to inform and engage you in stimulating conversation as we journey beyond the pandemic and into a better way of life.  Please join us for this series featuring remarkable women who are actively working on solutions to the economic, social, spiritual and physical challenges women face.

Be sure to check out our recent interview with the incredible women who comprise our Smart Women Advisory Council.  Listen as they share their perspective on the ‘she-cession’ now plaguing our community, their motivations for being a part of this important collective, and the reasons they selected the speakers and topics we will be covering in this series.

We kick off our series on July 15th with special guest, Sarah Lacy, the founder/CEO of Chairman Mom, a remarkable online community for women. She also founded on maternity leave in 2011 and built it into a profitable investigative journalism company. She’s been a journalist for nearly 20 years, known for her fearless, outspoken reporting.  She is also the author of four books.

Her newest book, “A Uterus Is a Feature Not a Bug: The Working Woman’s Guide to Overthrowing the Patriarchy” (Harper Business) is part memoir, part manifesto on the power of working mothers. Sarah is an unapologetic feminist, mother and supporter of women and we are so excited she’s part of our webinar series.

If you aren’t a Smart Women member yet, it’s time to join!  Let’s be inspired, have some fun together and help others along the way. Click here to register today.  We look forward to having you join us!

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