Unlock The Power of a Paycheck™

Workforce Development Programs for Job Seekers

Working Wardrobes unlocks The Power of a Paycheck™ by rebuilding careers for Southern California job seekers.  We are passionate about helping adults, youth, seniors and Veterans overcome difficult challenges so they can achieve the dignity of work and The Power of a Paycheck™.

2023 Initiatives

In 2023, we aim to achieve these goals:

  • Serve 5,000 clients in 2023
  • Expand industry expertise to create and provide new workforce readiness workshops, certifications, and career coaching
  • Increase sustainability through social enterprise collaboration, and modernization/automation
  • Build upon the Board of active and diverse community leaders
  • Increase volunteer and donor opportunities
  • Enhance staff professional development and maintain a culture of openness and inclusivity

Your support can make these goals a reality and bring sustainable, life-changing employment preparation to individuals overcoming barriers.

Will you donate today and unleash The Power of a Paycheck™ for job seekers in the new year?