We asked Working Wardrobes CEO Bonni Pomush about her vision for Working Wardrobes. Together, we took an in-depth look at goals, sustainability, and the organization’s mission.

What are your goals for the Working Wardrobes’ leadership and Board?

Every voice matters. In the years ahead, we will continue our efforts to bring more diversity to the decision-making table. It is also important that every person grooms/mentors their successor – whether it’s a staff member or Board member. We will aim to build the strength of our talented “bench” by developing and investing in our volunteers and staff, and we will deliberately make efforts to prepare individuals for future opportunities of service in the organization. 

When we’re making decisions about the types of programs and services we should offer, it’s important to me that we first listen. My goal is to develop systems to assess, strategize and then maximize the talent made available to us. Our Leadership team and Board are dedicated and also aim to create sustainable improvements that ultimately unleash the potential of our organization and its supporters. With strong support systems in place, Working Wardrobes will continue to flourish.

How does the team at Working Wardrobes support the mission, and how will you support them?

Our Working Wardrobes staff makes our mission possible, so I want to ensure that I am giving them the tools they need to do great work and to grow into even better versions of themselves. I want Working Wardrobes to be a workspace that thrives on openness and inclusivity. I love getting to do this work daily, just as much as I love listening to the staff and collaborating on ways to make Working Wardrobes a safe and rewarding workplace experience.

My hope is that Working Wardrobes team members are enriched here, and find plenty of opportunities and encouragement to grow. We will continue to create and implement systems that reward mission-aligned and value-driven performance. With professional development and recognition, our staff will confidently navigate building bridges over barriers – for our clients, themselves, and ultimately our community.  

Working Wardrobes has faced many challenges in the last few years. What’s the plan to overcome these challenges?

The last few years have opened my eyes to the resilience and dedication of the people around me. I have faith in the generosity of our volunteers, donors and supporters who breathe life into Working Wardrobes daily. We will continue to offer a larger variety of ways to support our mission by giving, shopping and volunteering. Individuals can find programs that meet their sensibilities and passions and share their gifts to change lives. 

It’s extremely inspiring to interact with our donors at every level, and see how individualized the way they contribute makes a difference.

Going forward, the Working Wardrobes team will build and develop the infrastructure needed to ensure smooth and accurate processes are delivered throughout the organization. Our community’s pain points will inform us about how to best serve clients, now and in the future. We will identify the needs of the workforce of the future and prepare to meet them. 

Where do you see Working Wardrobes in the future? How is it going to get there?

Everything we do at Working Wardrobes is for our clients. By focusing on leadership, staff, and sustainability, we will ultimately provide the best services for more clients. My vision for Working Wardrobes is a resource that meets anyone, whoever they are, wherever they are, in a way that best meets their unique needs. I dream of serving thousands more seniors, youth, Veterans, men, women, and others who want a hand up to rebuild their careers.  

Read more details here about how we will approach the future. I’m delighted to be on this journey, together with you. 

About Working Wardrobes

Working Wardrobes is Orange County’s foremost workforce readiness nonprofit, providing the tools to at-risk men, women, young adults, and Veterans so they can achieve the dignity of work. Founded in 1990 by Jerri Rosen, Working Wardrobes has been serving Southern California for over 30 years by providing assessments, job training, career placement, and wardrobe services to almost 115,000 clients to overcome barriers to employment and achieve the Power of a Paycheck™. For more information, please visit www.workingwardrobes.org.