planned giving legacy fund - ww client in mirrorIn Southern California, too many of our community members face barriers to employment. A changing workforce and wavering economy make financially ‘keeping up’ a significant challenge for the most vulnerable. 

Working Wardrobes is here to help men and women navigate rebuilding their careers by providing training and resources. True to our name, we culminate their internal transformation by providing our clients with a success suit. Job seekers come to us for certifications, workshops, career fairs, resume help, interview preparation, and even transportation. They re-enter the workforce with confidence, skills, and empowerment.

The Power of a Paycheck™ has transformed lives for generations. For over 31 years, donors have powered the Working Wardrobes mission to help over 114,000 individuals rebuild their careers. Your planned gift will help create significant, sustainable change for thousands more.

Planned Giving The Jerri Rosen Legacy Fund

Planned giving with Jerri Rosen legacy fundOur Legacy Fund was created to honor Working Wardrobes Founder, Jerri Rosen, who spent 31 years of her life leading the way to provide people with the skills and confidence they need to achieve success in the workforce. Our Legacy Fund was designed to create a far-reaching impact in the lives of our clients, just as the ripple effect of Jerri’s long-standing work immeasurably improved families, neighborhoods, communities and our world.

You can help carry the torch Jerri lit! Restore confidence to the hopeless, self-sufficiency to the discouraged, and jobs to the unemployed and underemployed for generations to come. Make a commitment to leave a portion of your estate, life insurance policy, retirement savings, or other bequest to make part of your legacy a lasting improvement to our community.

Benefits of Legacy Gifting

There are many ways to provide a legacy gift for Working Wardrobes in your estate plan*. Options include:

  • An outright bequest upon the donor’s passing (or of the donor and spouse)
  • Appreciated assets (e.g., stocks, bonds, real estate)
  • Life insurance policy wherein Working Wardrobes is named as a beneficiary or owner and beneficiary
  • An asset contribution to an irrevocable Charitable Lead Trust
  • As asset contribution to a tax-exempt irrevocable Charitable Remainder Turst
  • A beneficiary designation of an Individual Retirement Account or Annuity

Tax benefits as a result of planned giving are appealing, and one of the best options for the benefactor and beneficiaries is to designate the gift from a retirement plan instead of as a gift of cash or property.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss more details with you and/or your financial advisers. Contact us today.

Legacy Fund Donor Stories

Richard Ward, CFP, Success with Purpose

Planned Giving Richard Ward - Gala Honoree It is my hope that we can all focus on enjoying one another more and “living” our lives this year, as so much has been stagnated over the past eighteen months. 

With this in mind, I think more often about a value that I hold dear, which is freedom. I believe human beings can only achieve their highest callings when they are free to make their own choices. People who are free to choose and pursue their work, location, interests, associations, etc. can turn those choices into good outcomes.

The true power of the paycheck is the power that it has to offer choice. A paycheck is more than money — it is the ability to express one’s own desires and to share that goodwill with those around them. Seeing others achieve meaningful work is a value I hold, and donating a legacy gift is an expression of my values.”

Sam Dawson

“Jerri and I have known each other for over 25  years, and I have walked every step of this incredible journey with her. I admire and respect the deep and meaningful impact she has made in our community, and I am profoundly proud of all that she’s accomplished.

When I heard Jerri was retiring, I became a Legacy Donor at once. I view my gift as the best way to ensure her passion and spirit live on in the Working Wardrobes mission, for generations to come.”

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