Orange County Career Readiness - Cindy Hodgkins Gala HonoreeWe are fast approaching the 2022 Working Wardrobes Gala, Growing Through the Decades. This night beneath the stars is one that we will dedicate to decades of lives changed forever by individuals who planted the seeds of donations, support, and encouragement — seeds that bloomed into changed lives, now and for generations to come.

Throughout the decades, we have helped over 115,000 job seekers get ready to get back into the workforce. These donor-funded programs provide resources like customer service training, job development services, IT certification training, follow-up job retention services, critical needs assistance, access to the career resource center, and more!

On September 24 at the Bowers Museum, the Working Wardrobes gala will include reminiscing about our work through the decades by sharing stories of encouragement and hope by honoring chosen supporters. Some of our biggest supporters include former clients that have experienced, first hand, the transformative power of Working Wardrobes’ career readiness programs. One such client is Cindy Hodgkins, whose experience with our programs years ago led to amazing things in the present!

Cindy Hodgkins and Planting the Seeds for Future Growth

Cindy- former client _Salvation Army1Cindy Hodgkins is a former Working Wardrobes’ client who was transformed into a longtime fan and supporter.

In the mid-aughts, Working Wardrobes partnered with different organizations around Orange County and offered six weeks of career readiness job training to female clients. One of the organizations was the Salvation Army of Orange County. Career coaches went weekly to the Salvation Army to offer career readiness workshops. At the end of the program, Working Wardrobes hosted a Women’s Day of Self Esteem  — a day to celebrate graduates of the program with a graduation ceremony, a job fair, workshops, and a day of pampering including hair, makeup, and a success suit!

Cindy Hodgkins was in residency at the Salvation Army cohort at the time. She went through the six-week program, and ultimately graduated. 

Years later, in 2022, on a trip to the Salvation Army, Working Wardrobes CEO Bonni Pomush and Chief Program Officer Mary Ann Profeta were greeted by Cindy, who instantly recognized them and excitedly updated them on her journey since graduating years ago.

Cindy told them the story of how Working Wardrobes changed her life, describing how the six-week career readiness training program was instrumental in her recovery from homelessness and addiction. During the career training sessions, she was given the opportunity to imagine a better future for herself by creating a vision board. She kept the vision board all these years, showing it to Bonni and Mary Ann during their visit.

Since graduating from the Working Wardrobes program, Cindy was able to find and retain a position with the Salvation Army. Because of her position and the power that a steady, reliable paycheck brought into her life, she was able to turn her life around and build a better future for herself and her family. Her story is one that inspires the work Working Wardrobes does every day.

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