2020 has been an incredibly challenging year on many levels and sadly, Working Wardrobes was not immune.

In January, we very much looked forward to launching our 30th Anniversary celebration.  In February, a fire destroyed our building.  Millions of dollars’ worth of clothing and accessories, office equipment and supplies, and every file folder and photo were incinerated.  In March, the COVID pandemic forced us to lay off a majority of our staff.

Even though we rebuilt like we said we would, we have suffered tremendous losses, missed significant revenue opportunities, and dipped into our financial reserves.  In all, we lost $2.1 million which extends far beyond the damages we sustained from the fire.

Our clients are unemployed or underemployed veterans, single mothers, domestic violence survivors, and seniors looking for jobs due to difficult life circumstances.  They have overcome challenges to find work and achieve the Power of a Paycheck.  Now, they face a dire job market like so many in our community.

We need your help to rebuild revenue so that we can continue to provide career development services to those who need us more than ever.
Please give today so that clients who are on the wrong side of the digital divide get the training and tools they need to earn a paycheck.

Your support means so much.

My very best,