Helping jobseekers find and maintain gainful employment means more than offering them a new suit. Our Client Services team is constantly researching critical industries and assessing the landscape of the Southern California workforce, evaluating the best ways to help jobseekers overcome barriers to employment. Orange County’s high cost of living means many residents are in desperate need of reliable work with a livable wage. To meet this need, Working Wardrobes offers a wide range of career readiness services to help our clients find employment in critical fields.

One client, Noah, found himself in need of Working Wardrobes’ help after serving in the military. An Army veteran, Noah had recently transitioned from an Unsheltered Veteran Program to renting an apartment in Long Beach. Noah was making minimum wage. Between costly rent and child support, he was struggling to make ends meet.

Noah bravely reached out for help from Working Wardrobes’ Job Developer and Team Lead, Derek Mendes. After assessing Noah’s unique skills and barriers, the two worked together to create a plan to help Noah find a better-paying job. The Working Wardrobes team provided Noah with one-on-one career coaching, help updating his resume, and access to a computer.

Lack of reliable transportation was one of Noah’s most pressing barriers. His car needed major repairs, without which he would be unable to travel to and from work. Our generous community of donors enabled Working Wardrobes to cover the costs of fixing Noah’s vehicle, which brought him one step closer to a future of financial sustainability.

Soon, Noah landed an interview with a security company. Wardrobe Specialist Adrianna Ceballos helped him prepare to put his best foot forward by finding Noah the perfect “Success Suit.” Empowered from the inside out, Noah was ready to meet his potential employer with confidence and a skillset to match.

“My visit today to Working Wardrobes with Adrianna was a very uplifting experience. I am very excited and grateful to be going to my interview today at 11:30 a.m. in Anaheim with the chance to increase my pay and begin my career path in security. Thank you, Working Wardrobes, for the most beautiful suit in the world! This is a blessing. Thank you, Derek Mendes, for making this happen!”

Later that day, the Working Wardrobes team received a call from Noah. He said our favorite four words:

“I got the job!”

When you support Working Wardrobes, you play a crucial role in helping people like Noah overcome barriers to gainful employment. Every dollar donated and every minute volunteered may mean the difference between struggle and success for someone in our community. YOUR support may be the reason a jobseeker gets to say, triumphantly, “I got the job!”