August is “Make-a-Will” month! No matter what phase of life you’re in, estate planning is crucial to ensuring the long-term well-being of your loved ones. If you’ve been meaning to make a will, now is the time! Take this opportunity to create a legacy of support for the people and causes you love. Make a Legacy gift to Working Wardrobes!

Lifechanging Services Today, and for Generations to Come

By supporting Working Wardrobes today, you make a powerful statement about what’s important to you; you demonstrate your dedication to helping people overcome barriers to gainful employment. Your support makes our state-of-the-art career readiness services available to today’s job seekers. But what about the job seekers of the next generation, and the next? By making a gift to Working Wardrobes part of your estate plans, you ensure life-changing support for those in our community facing obstacles on their employment journeys.

The Power of Your Legacy

In times of recession or economic expansion, high or low unemployment rates, a prospering or struggling workforce, Working Wardrobes’ services will always be necessary. No matter the circumstances of the years and decades to come, job seekers will still face an array of personal and systemic barriers to gainful employment. For this reason, our organization’s sustainability is vital to the future health of our community. Your Legacy gift ensures that Working Wardrobes will remain a vibrant and adaptable resource for generations to come.

A Legacy commitment is not just a gift to your community; it’s a gift to your loved ones. Incorporating charitable giving into your will demonstrates a spirit of philanthropy and community-mindedness – one which your heirs will undoubtedly be inspired to carry on. Your Legacy gift will comfort your loved ones, reminding them that your values will live on in perpetuity through Working Wardrobes.

Making Your Legacy Commitment: Simpler Than You Think

Making a Legacy gift to Working Wardrobes is a simple and flexible process. Your gift can be made in a variety of ways to suit your unique circumstances and can be changed at any time.

Once you’ve decided to include Working Wardrobes in your estate plans, you have several options to choose from:

  1. Bequests: A bequest in your will allows you to designate a specific dollar amount or percentage of your estate to Working Wardrobes. This simple and flexible option ensures your legacy aligns with your values.
  2. Retirement Plans and Life Insurance Policies: You can name Working Wardrobes as a beneficiary of your retirement account or life insurance policy. This method allows you to make a significant contribution without diminishing your current assets.
  3. Charitable Remainder Trusts: By establishing a charitable remainder trust, you can receive income during your lifetime while designating Working Wardrobes as the beneficiary to receive the remaining assets.
  4. Real Estate and Appreciated Securities: Donating appreciated securities or real estate can offer tax benefits while supporting a cause you believe in.

Join our Legacy Society

By making your Legacy commitment known, you become part of a community of like-minded people invested in helping future generations overcome barriers to gainful employment: The Jerri Rosen Legacy Society. Your participation in this impactful group sends a message about your values that will motivate your community to create legacies of their own. Together, let’s create a culture of generosity and a legacy that will impact our world for years to come.