We do everything in our power to help men, women, young adults and Veterans overcome difficult challenges so they can achieve the dignity of work, and The Power of a Paycheck.


workforce readiness services in an atmosphere of dignity that enhances the lives of our clients.


sustainability for our clients and our organization with integrity.


the successes of our clients, collaborative partners, donors and volunteers.


with corporations, educational programs, community agencies and civic partners.


Engaging the power of volunteerism and harnessing the efficiency of the many who care.


The WW team is always organized in assigning me meaningful tasks. Volunteering for Working Wardrobes has been the most rewarding experience of all.


I know that, when I donate my business attire, it will be used by someone who needs it and I know that I’ve impacted someones life tremendously.

Clothing Donor, Laguna Niguel

Working Wardrobes has been the most joyful experience for me. I’m so proud of being part of this organization.

Board Member