About the Event

Working Wardrobes serves men, women, young adults, and veterans on their journeys to employment. There are thousands of at-risk people right here in our community who urgently want and need to get back to work. A great way to join our mission is via 30 Strong!

30 Strong! is an exciting virtual event that offers individuals & professionals from all industries the opportunity to connect, compete, & have fun while supporting our clients.

Participation can renew team spirit, fight the pandemic blues, get individuals outdoors, & give cause to work together to help people in our community receive the Power of a Paycheck.

Each team’s impact will help our Rebuilding Careers initiative, a scholarship program that helps the unemployed and underemployed right here in Southern California.

How to Participate

Participants may visit the website to register themselves and/or create a team. Because the event is virtual, participants can register from wherever they are! And, registration is complimentary.


After registering, fundraising can begin! Each participant is encouraged to raise at least $250. Individuals and teams that reach certain fundraising milestones will earn exclusive prizes!

Compete & Have Fun

Invite your colleagues, neighbors, and friends to join your team. Compete against others in both outdoor and Zoom challenges, all while battling for prizes and glory! Compete in activities like hiking, walking, cycling, or running challenges, or via Zoom-specific challenges.

Support Our Clients

Each teams’ impact will help our Rebuilding Careers initiative, a scholarship program that helps the unemployed and underemployed right here in Southern California.

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30 Strong Challenges

Participants can compete against each other in both Outdoor and Zoom challenges—each of which are virtual! While teams fundraise on behalf of Working Wardrobes, they can compete against each other, battling for prizes and glory!

Event Calendar

  • Friday 3/19/21: Day 1 of 30 Strong!

  • Saturday 3/20/21: Get outside and participate in the outdoor challenges!

  • Sunday 3/21/21: Prepare for the Zoom challenges this week!

  • Monday 3/22/21: Minute to Win It

  • Tuesday 3/23/21: Genius Gymnastics

  • Wednesday 3/24/21: NATO Knowledge

  • Thursday 3/25/21: Skeleton
  • Friday 3/26/21: Never Have I Ever

  • Saturday 3/27/21: Final weekend to get outside and participate in the outdoor challenges!

  • Click on the events below to learn more or to register to compete!

Outdoor Challenges
Click here to view a list of our outdoor challenges and to register!

Zoom Challenges

All Zoom events, below, will be held from 8:30AM-9:00AM PST. Click on the event name below to register.

Minute to Win It | Register

Monday 3/22/21
Select one person from your team to participate. Teams will be timed as they find objects around the house or office. (We will let you know which items to search for during the event!) For each item found first, your team will receive a point. Whichever team can find the most items first wins this challenge!

Genius Gymnastics | Register

Tuesday 3/23/21
Welcome to the 30 Strong! trivia challenge! Members of your team will compete against other teams in a trivia competition. We’ll ask the questions and teams can respond in the chat box. The team with the most correct answers will win the Genius Gymnastics Challenge!

NATO Knowledge | Register

Wednesday 3/24/21
How well do you know the NATO Alphabet? Better than another team? Select 1 participant to represent your team and test your NATO alphabet knowledge.

Skeleton | Register

Thursday 3/25/21
Welcome to the 30 Strong! handstand competition. Select 1 person from your team to compete against other teams. How long can you hold a handstand? Can you do a handstand push-up? We will test your handstand skills and see who is the handstand pro.

Never Have I Ever | Register

Friday 3/26/21
Welcome to Never Have I Ever… the G-rated version, of course! Persons on each team will start by holding up 5 fingers. For each “thing” you have done, lower a finger. The last team with fingers up, wins!

Charity Champs (not a live event)

Which team can raise the most money?