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Inside Working Wardrobes January 2021

A Message from Jerri Rosen Founder and CEO, Working Wardrobes Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome to our first-ever Inside Working Wardrobes newsletter.  We're so excited to share it with you, and equally excited to introduce our roving reporters who will highlight what's going on behind the scenes at Working Wardrobes each month! Behind The Scenes A Welcome Message from Our New Board Chair My name is Cyndi Karapogosian and I'm thrilled to be the new Board Chair for Working Wardrobes.  Our mission has never been more

Three Reasons to Shop Resale in 2021

Three Reasons to Shop Resale in 2021 Remember when ‘thrifting’ carried a stigma? The good news is that these days, shopping resale has become savvy shopping for everyone from college students to the ultra-wealthy. Stores like Poshmark and the RealReal are making resale cool with shoppers of every personality, background and income bracket. These consumers want the latest fashions, while feeling good about the choices they are making. In fact, 82% of customers on the RealReal say sustainability is an important reason for shopping on the site. Here are

#GivingTuesday 2020

Never in our 30 years of serving clients in Orange County has the mission of Working Wardrobes been more relevant than it is today. With one in five Californians out of work, #Giving Tuesday 2020 becomes a huge opportunity for our community to help us provide essential workforce readiness and employment support services to thousands of unemployed people. COVID-19 is just one of the many challenges our clients face. So on #GivingTuesday, what we want more than anything is for you to consider selecting Working Wardrobes as your charity of choice. When you support

30 Years of 30 Milestones at Working Wardrobes

Thinking back on our many milestones at Working Wardrobes over the past 30 years! What fills our hearts is the many memories and people who have been so important to our work, we thank you and celebrate YOU and truly a Cause to Celebrate!  1. Over 105,000 clients have been served with wardrobing, career development and workforce readiness services at no cost to them.  2. Millions of pounds of clothing have been saved from landfills, giving these clothes a new life and our clients a second chance!  3. Since 1990, We have been honored

Partnership with Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s HUMV Program

We are honored to be partnering with Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s new Housing Unit for Military Veterans (HUMV) at the Theo Lacy jail facility. The HUMV program will help incarcerated veterans develop a career path and reduce their chances in returning to jail. Which is truly wonderful news our local veterans and the well-being of community!  As a community partner, Working Wardrobes will be providing career training and workforce readiness workshops for the HUMV program. This new facility opened on the 2nd of January this year and is equipped with 32 beds, multiple game tables, and 55-inch televisions. To honor all branches of the military the walls are

Happy New Year to You! Happy 30th Anniversary to Us!

It’s been 30 years! In 1990, together with five amazing friends, I set out to help the growing number of women impacted by domestic violence.  With the intention of hosting a onetime only event, the first-ever “Day of Self-Esteem”, was held and served 67 women from six shelters. The event became the launching pad for Working Wardrobes and the rest is an astonishing story of the power of people who dream of social good for all. I feel so grateful that we get to do this work! Especially because throughout our history, we have served over 105,000 men, women, young adults and veteran

The search for 2020 Committee Members!

A Message from Justin Frame As Board Chair of Working Wardrobes, I am so very proud of the work we do to make an impact in our community. I am honored to be named the Working Wardrobes Board Chair for the third consecutive year!  As Board Chair of Working Wardrobes, I am so very proud of the work we do to help men, women, young adults, and veterans get on their feet and back to work. I’m also excited and proud to be named the Board Chair for the third

Jerri Rosen Named J.Jill Compassion Fund First Inspired Woman of 2020!

What an honor! Jerri L. Rosen, CEO and founder of Working Wardrobes has been named J.Jill’s first Inspired Woman of 2020 for making a difference in our community and for over 30 years! Thank you to the J.Jill Compassion Fund at the Boston Foundation for selecting Working Wardrobes as the recipient. This amazing gift will help the women we serve through our organization. We are so grateful!! The mission of the J.Jill compassion fund is to support and empower women to move forward faster and establish a better life for themselves, their children,

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